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ClickFreeAds.com has set this page up to help those of you here for the first time or if you are new to our services in helping to answer some of your questions.

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For those who have asked  - For the current and future users in various states and other countries who have already registered as users to our classified service, the answer is YES. We are co-branding the name of LetsGoBuffalo.com classifieds to allow for a more universal and defined co-branded name of ClickFREEAds.com. The only conversion will be to the name of the service, so everything else will remain the same. There will be no interruption in service nor will there be any changes to user names already secured in the system. The current platform is in place to allow us to launch this program from Buffalo, NY USA. 

By registering today, whether you plan on using the service right away, or in the future you can reserve your specific user name (ie. coins, cars, trucks, my name, my company, etc.) and get in on all the buying and selling features and fun!

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What Users Are Already Saying...


"Looks like the best of both a classified section and auction type service"


"This is great and so easy to use"  - A current 71 yr young user.


"I already sold my printer in less than 2 days! I was told about this site last week...it's where you can sell, buy, and trade items online. It's sort of like the big auction site on the web! It's a really cool and a cheap way to sell or buy items instead of in the local paper or having a garage sale." - A very satisfied current user

Our thanks go out to ALL those who have shared your compliments, ideas, and support!

User Benefits and Features include...

  • FREE line text description with plenty of room for you to describe your listings!

  • FREE to join and...there are NO annual requirements, fees, or obligations!

  • Unlike other sites we DO NOT charge the seller or buyer a percentage (%) fee to sell their item!

  • FREE "Make An Offer" feature to let others know you are willing to bargain or accept a reasonable offer on your item.

  • NO annoying pop-up Banner Ads to get in your way.

  • System email to protect your personal email address!

  • Immediate posting and editing of your pictures to showcase your item! Your ad will be up minutes from now!

  • Built-in automatic image slide show presentation for your item(s)!

  • SELLERS GUARANTEE - If you place a new ad, and choose any three (3) or more additional features, and your item does not sell within the 14, 30, or 45 day period you initially requested, we will extend, the same time frame (14, 30, 45 days) you chose when creating that listing at NO CHARGE!

  • Ad counter to let you actually see how many people looked at your classified ad - compare that to print or circulated advertising!

  • More being developed for future capabilities

 Got questions? - see our  FAQ  section below for answers


 We already have had registered users from several states and countries. Many of you have told us how simple it is to use and appreciate the affordable aspects we are providing. Our thanks go out to you for your support, ideas, and interests. 

We wish all users the best of luck in using the service.


Proud to be 100% Owned, and operating, in Erie County, NY - USA





Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Q. Does it cost anything to join?

A. There is NO FEE to join, nor are there any monthly or annual fees or requirements. Currently, for NEW users we are putting $10 in your account when you register.


Q. What benefits do I as a registered user get for FREE?

A. You will be able to post your item(s) for sale in the appropriate category you select with a text description at NO CHARGE. It includes title, price, quantity, make offer function, and a FULL text description of the item. This includes multiple items - not multiple listings of one item. This also allows you access to use our built-in email features to send and receive messages regarding your items for sale and offers you are interested in.


Q. Is this an auction site?

A. Not in the conventional sense. We have combined elements of a Classified style, and Auction style service to provide a little of both. Once you are registered you will see more clearly how the service works. You will also have certain user privileges. Only registered users have the ability to Buy, Sell, Trade, and make and receive offers. As a non-registered user you may browse and view listings. 


Q. Do I have to pay a (%) percentage fee to buy or sell an item?

A. NO - unlike other sites we DO NOT charge a seller or buyer a percentage (%) fee on transactions. Your listing will allow you to include a price or no price if you just want to use the "make offer" feature. 


Q. Are there any other possible fees?

A. Yes - Certain upgraded features you select at your optional discretion to enhance your listing may have a fee. Currently these include adding pictures, a slide show, bolding, category featured, gallery, etc. Nominal fees are associated with these enhancements. For pricing and more information on fees see the fees policy section, your "MY ACCOUNT" section, or "help" section on the home page.


Q. Can anyone sell anything?

A. NO. Anyone with access to the internet may browse all items listed. Only registered users may list an item or make offers to buy. Persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from buying and selling. The sale of illegal, pornographic, and some other items are strictly prohibited.

Please refer to our "help" section on the home page or Listing & Prohibited Items Policy page for more information on this.


Q. Can someone get my email and Spam me or our company?

A. NO - Our system is set up to offer anonymity for the users. Instead of using your personal or company email, the system uses your "user name" in communications with buyers and sellers through our interactive email features. LetsGoBuffalo.com Classifieds discourages, but at this time does not prohibit you from providing your personal information (ie phone numbers, personal email addresses, etc.) on the site. If you elect to provide such information, you do so at your own risk. Use the built -in features provided which were set up to help you in avoiding those annoyances.


Q. Am I going to be put on some email list and get unwanted or un-solicited emails?

A. NO - unless there is a major or essential announcement which would affect all users on the site, only subscribers to our newsletter will receive monthly promotional information about various special events and offerings. We DO NOT sell, trade or otherwise share any users personal information, unless directed to do so by a legal governing body. We do expect to send special monthly promotions only to our subscribers - (i.e. free listing days, 2 for 1, etc.). As a user, you do have the ability to turn the subscribe filter on or off in your "My Account" section. We have a 0- ZERO tolerance for system abuse and spamming of our users. In the event this should ever occur, please notify us immediately at spamviolation <at> wnywebsite.com


Q. How will I know when someone makes an offer or is interested in my listing?

A. Only Registered users have the capability to send a message/offer to you and visa-versa. When a buyer makes an offer, a notification will be automatically sent to the email address you assigned to your user name. An example may read like this.


Re: coins has made an offer on your Item#872423122


Notice how the user name ("coins"), and NOT your email address is provided. This message will also appear in your "My Account" section. Simply click on "read", and you can send a message back accepting, declining, or negotiating an offer along with any other instructions such as shipping, delivery or otherwise.


Q. What is PayPalŪ

A. PayPal is rapidly becoming an industry standard for secure online purchasing and selling between two parties. PayPalŪ allows individuals selling items to accept a credit card or check for payment of their merchandise online in a secure manor. Buyers can purchase items from sellers with a PayPalŪ user; safely, securely, and with confidence that has built in fraud protections. For more information on this service see the banners at the top and bottom of this page.


Q. Am I obligated to use the service?

A. No - you determine when you want to buy or sell items.


Q. If we have a complaint about a user what can we do?

A. Please send an email to us at - classifiedcomplaint <at> wnywebsite.com if a user is inappropriate. We are in the stage of developing an automated built-in "user performance and rating" system which will be available in the near future. The LetsGoBuffalo.com classifieds is a venue open to the public allowing buying  and selling. Under no circumstances will LetsGoBuffalo.com get involved between users regarding any discrepancies involving a transaction. However, if a user is not fulfilling his or her orders/items as described in a listing, we will internally investigate. Multiple complaints or failure to comply to the user terms, or other applicable laws, will result in that users immediate termination of use to our service.


Q. If we have a question how do we contact you for help?

A. Send an email to classifiedsupport <at> wnywebsite.com and we will respond as soon as possible.


Q. So what's the catch?

A. If you do find one, please let us know. Our goal is to provide a fair, economical, and awesome up-front alternative, in a legitimate environment, to add to any current venue you are using to buy, sell, or otherwise make economics work you. Our hope is that you can successfully do this by using the services and means we offer. Our sincerest wishes for the best of luck and success to you.


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