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Restaurants - Breakfast

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FL Cafe
1360 Collins Avenue   Miami Beach, FL   33139
Telephone: (305) 763-8007
1397524349   Posted: Mon Apr 14 21:12:29 2014

FL Cafe
Located on Collins Ave. in South Beach, FL Cafe is a brasserie that features delicious French cuisine, breakfast, cocktails, Happy Hour and more.
1360 Collins Avenue   Miami Beach, FL   33139
Telephone: (305) 763-8007
1397524749   Posted: Mon Apr 14 21:19:09 2014

Scramble is a fresh new look at breakfast. It all begins with using the freshest ingredients around. how we do it is no secret. we pride ourselves on using local farmers and vendors whenever possible. so instead of your eggs being delivered across the country in a truck, they are literally coming from across town. from your first bite to your last, you will taste the difference farm fresh makes.
9832 North 7th Street #1   Phoenix, AZ   85020
Telephone: 602-374-2294
1370796014   Posted: Sun Jun 9 12:40:14 2013

Zub's Pizza and Subs Provo
In March of 1992 Alan and Rena Peacock and Ryan and Vickie Moss purchased an existing pizza shop in Springville with the idea of immediately expanding the menu to include hot and cold subs. At the time no one in our area was toasting subs and that was something we wanted to offer our customers. Vickie created the famous bread recipe that has led to our success for over 22 years.
684 N Freedom Blvd   Provo, UT   84601
Telephone: 801-377-3994
1409541967   Posted: Sun Aug 31 23:26:07 2014

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