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Restaurants - French

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Babette's Cafe
"Dining at Babette’s Café is like stepping into Chef/Owner Marla Adams’ home. She is equally as known for the incredibly creative Rustic European cuisine that she creates, as she is for her welcoming personality. For twenty-one, Babette’s Café has offered the flavor of a restaurant that is tucked into the French countryside. The dining room offers a relaxed setting and the outdoor patio, which overlooks the serene setting of Freedom Park, makes diners forget that they are just minutes away from downtown Atlanta. Dishes such as Chef Adams’ Steamed Mussels with Strawberries and Serrano Peppers, Artichoke and Olive Ravioli in a White Wine Butter Sauce and Beef Tenderloin drizzled with Gorgonzola Sauce have kept locals and tourists alike flocking to this culinary haven. "
573 North Highland Ave NE   Atlanta, GA   30307
Telephone: 404-523-9121
1419020113   Posted: Fri Dec 19 15:15:13 2014

Le Parfait Paris
668 G Street   San Diego, CA   92101
Telephone: 619-245-4457
1388036170   Posted: Thu Dec 26 00:36:10 2013

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